15 World Best Cities To Live A Quality Life


It is everyone’s dream to live a life full of quality but circumstances (such as low income, unemployment, bad governance, war, inadequate healthcare, quality education, etc) happening around us hinders such dreams.

 To live a quality life means to have access to adequate education, healthcare, security, food, press freedom, transport, etc. In addition to this, a quality life should also generate a sense of belonging and hospitality in a community or wherever we find ourselves.

In a survey done by Mercer, an American global human resources and related financial services consulting firm. It highlights the best cities to live a quality life using the following Important criteria:

Political-Economic Stability

Health Care




Recreation and Transport.

1. Vienna 
Country- Austria


Vienna,  the Capital of Austria is a metropolis with notable attractions. It is clean and safe, boasting a vibrant cultural scene, comprehensive healthcare, and moderating housing cost.  It offers the best quality of life in the world; a thought you could wish for.

2. Zurich

Country- Switzerland

Zurich view
Ocean bay

Zurich, permanently settled for over 2000 years is the largest city in Switzerland and the Global centre for banking Finance despite it relatively small population. It has four distinct seasons; Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter.

3. Auckland
Country- New Zealand

Auckland view
Auckland view

A major city in the north of New Zealand’s Island and the most populous city in New Zealand. Auckland spreads over volcanic hills and around twin harbour which is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes, contributing a thrilling mix of natural wonders and urban adventures.   

4. Munich
Country- Germany

Munich sky view

The Third Largest City after Berlin and Hamburg in Germany. One of the famous things it is known for is the beer garden (it has over 60 beer garden). It has a low cost of living but the excessive amount deducted for tax can be compromising.

5. Vancouver
Country- Canada

City of vancouver
Skyline view

Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, Canada is known for its fresh, local, seafood. Expensive, but it’s been consistently ranked among the city of quality living. Tourism is a major revenue for the city due to its scenic location, a unique destination for tourists.

6. Dusseldorf
Country- Germany

Night view

Dusseldorf is a City located at two confluence Rivers in Germany. It has 22 higher Institutions. The City is famous for its electronic and experimental music. Mercer’s quality of Living ranked Dusseldorf the sixth most livable City.

7. Frankfurt
Country- Germany

City view.

Frankfurt, another city from Germany which made the list is a global centre for tourism, transportation, culture, education and commerce. It’s also home to influential Educational Institutions and Finance institution such as the Goethe University and European Central Bank.

8. Copenhagen
Country- Denmark

Copenhagen Cultural centre

Copenhagen is the backbone of culture, economy and government centre for Denmark. Which has made it to see a strong Urban and Cultural Development.

9. Geneva 
Country- Switzerland


Geneva is known to be a diplomacy centre due to the presence of international organization headquarters such as the Red Cross including headquarters of United Nations Agencies ( it has the highest record of international organization in the world). It is also a Financially Centre. Ranked as the third most expensive city in the world.

10. Basel
Country- Switzerland


Basel City is famous for its achievement in the field of mathematics the likes Leonhard Euler and Bernoulli has made an impact in the field of mathematics.

The city which is located at the heart of Tri – a border region of Switzerland has a dynamic economy.  Basel had an unemployment rate of 3.7% in 2016. In 2018 about nineteen percent (19%) of its population are working in the primary sector while 80.6% are working in the secondary sector, an attribute of quality living. 

11. Sydney
Country- Australia


Sydney, made up of 658 suburbs, is the most populous city in Australia. Though it’s been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is also among the top cities you can have a quality life. Finance, Tourism and Manufacturing are the backbones of its economy.

12. Armsterdam
Country- Netherlands

Beautiful city
Armsterdam Night time

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands but not its administrative centre. It serves as the financial and cultural centre for the Netherlands.

 However, the cost of living is high but it has a low unemployment rate of six percent (6%) and the gross income is relatively high.

13. Berlin
Country- Germany..

Berlin Blue Bay

Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany both in Land size and population. It is a World-renowned centre for media, politics and economy.

14. Bern
Country- Germany

Bern view
Panoramic view

Bern, a city in Germany in which thirty-four percent (34%) of the population are foreign Nationals with a population of about 144,000 as of 2020.

15. Wellington
Country- New Zealand

Wellington City

Wellington is another city from New Zealand which is also part of the best cities in quality living. It is the capital of New Zealand though not defined in legislation but convention. Tourism, film, art and culture, ICT has been the backbone of its economy in recent years.

As of 2013,  the largest employment industries for Wellington residents were professional, scientific and technical services, public administration and safety, health care and social assistance, education and training.

It is interesting to note that, no City from these three continents made it to the top fifteen (15); Asia, South America, Africa for quality living.

 However, this is just research of an organization as there are much research done by different organizations and individuals you can look up to and this does not neglect the fact of carrying out your own research.


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