Over 3 billion people have visited the Windows Store since Windows 10’s launch. Windows 10 users are the fastest-growing segment for app downloads, increasing both in number and percentage YOY.

An app for Windows 10 allows you to reach millions of people worldwide, regardless of what device they are using. Windows 10 supports all devices, including tablets and phones. This is due to the fact that Windows 10’s app development environment provides compatibility for your apps across Windows 10 devices. It also offers tools and options to customize your app for each device. That is why we will be looking at five steps to develop a perfect windows 10 App.

Five Steps to a Perfect Windows 10 App Development Environment

To ensure faster development, app developers need to be aware of the following things before they begin coding any Windows 10 app development project. We have listed 5 steps that a developer must follow to create a perfect environment for developing windows applications.

Get started with a clean slate Windows-10-SDK

windows sdk interface

The Windows 10 SDK is best used with Windows 10. A developer can choose to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10 or download the Windows 10 ISO for a clean installation. There are sometimes minor issues that can arise during an upgrade. Therefore, it is best to download the Windows 10 ISO onto a new hard drive.

Install Visual Studio, and enable Developer Mode for Windows 10.

Visual Studio

visual studio developer interface

Next, you will need to install Visual Studio 2015. This is the most crucial step in creating Universal Windows Apps. To start, select the “Blank App” template. An error message will appear when trying to run the application. You can enable developer mode by going to “Settings”, and choosing Developer Mode.

Install the Windows 10 Mobile Emulators

emulator for pc

The windows app developer must know how the app will look and function on their phone or other Windows devices. After downloading and installing Windows 10 Mobile emulators, developers will be able to see the emulators on their screen.

Use Windows Insider to deploy the app on a physical device

phone insider,
Phone Insider

Once you’ve got a Windows Phone or supported Windows hardware, download the Windows Insider App and sign up for the preview. After clicking the Run button, one must allow apps to be installed on the device. Only then can the Windows Universal App be deployed on a Windows Phone running Windows 10

Visual Studio Developer Assistant: Install Developer Assistant

If you are a developer who wants to create high-quality Windows applications, the Developer Assistant for Visual Studio is essential. It offers three benefits:

API Assistant allows you to find code samples for APIs as you code in Visual StudioProgramming task Assistant. This provides code samples that span across the web and also includes samples from GithubCompilerError Assistant, which assists developers to fix various compiler errors

Windows 10 Development Environment Features

Windows 10 Development environment features are relatively new and less known than their traditional counterparts. Some of these features are quite useful and are becoming more popular among developers because of their ease of use. These are some of the most popular:

Better Aesthetics

Windows 10 is a better-looking operating system than its predecessors. Microsoft has updated its system icons over the years, creating a more coherent design language that makes use of modern tile-like designs. This platform is a Windows 10 app that works well and provides a better user experience than older Windows versions.

Multi-tasking Environment

Multi-tasking is a unique feature of Windows’ development environment. Multiple tools and applications can be opened simultaneously by a user. The user interface makes it easy to toggle between windows and provides intuitive touch controls that allow you to do the same.

Windows 10’s Continuum feature

Continuum is one of Windows 10’s most distinctive features. It allows users to use their Windows Phone as a computer by simply plugging it into a monitor. This feature allows users to have a seamless computing experience, regardless of what device they use. Continuum mode allows users to use their phone to make calls, reply to messages, and so on. This feature is a great tool for developers to create apps that target such users.

Popular Tools for Windows Mobile App Development

The importance of Windows app development is increasing among the mobile app developers. Developers are always looking for better tools to provide the best possible mobile apps and user experience.

For Windows 10 mobile development, developers use the following tools:

  • C++
  • DirectX
  • JavaScript
  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • Compact Visual Studio
  • XML

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