How To Easily Get Your Transcript To Study Abroad

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 Processing Transcript in a Public Nigerian University is not easy and can be challenging, however, In a private university, there might be few challenges or no challenges faced compared to that of a public University. Aside from the costly processing fee, delay; an inaccurate transcript is also part of the challenges faced in processing a transcript in Nigeria. 

There’s no detailed explanation that could be attributed to this cause, though, the high cost of transcript processing has been widely rumoured to be a source of revenue for the Institutions. This is against the traditional process in the past whereby such students could apply for such documents, pay directly to the school and pick up the transcripts within a short time.

A Typical Example of the Problematic processes

Many Nigerian universities now make use of consultants to issue electronic and hard-copy mailed transcripts on behalf of their ex-students especially those applying for scholarships or admissions to schools overseas.

For OAU, graduates of the school who required their transcripts now have to apply through the consultant online (ETX) and after paying between N20,500 (for electronic transcripts) and N25,000 (for transcripts to be mailed to institutions abroad), the consultant carries out the process on behalf of the client and ensures the document is sent to the said destinations.

After registering on the electronic portal, and paying the prescribed fees, the ex-student is notified of the different stages of the application process till the document reaches its destination.

Some of the stages span online documentation/approval at the office, the school’s alumni body, the school’s records office, the applicant’s department and the registrar.

The applicant is notified at every stage via email but from the experience of many alumni, the process usually gets delayed or truncated when it gets to the school and in the end, the documents are sent late after specified deadlines or not sent at all.

Due to this form, Many students who had banked on scholarships to study outside the country for their Master’s degree have lost the opportunities to study due to its long period of processing.  For admission the school you are to study in require you to order fresh transcripts (an official certificate of a student’s work, showing courses taken and grades achieved) from all the higher institutions you have attended. which is an essential part of documents.

This development has made many to start afresh from bachelor’s degree in other for them Study abroad leading to a wasted time of years and money

The good news of this is that there is an alternative to this using the World Educational Services (WES)…

What is WES (World Educational Services) 

In a year WES Organization evaluates the credentials of 200,000 persons by analyzing and characterizing foreign education in U.S. or Canadian terms. However, no binding advisory opinions on its credentials evaluation.

WES’s proprietary database collects and stores information on academic certificates of more than 200 countries, 45,000 foreign institutions, and 20,000 academic credentials. However, WES does not have formal agreements with the educational systems of any country, and the kept certificates are voluntarily provided by the candidates, and they operate with third-party motives.

WES is accredited by and is a charter member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) and the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC). However, the U.S. Department of Education’s website lists NACES and AICE as its only authentic foreign-credential accrediting agencies for the country.

The World Educational Services ( WES ) is a nonprofit organization that gives credential evaluations for global students and immigrants especially those who had planned to study or work in the U.S. and Canada. 

The World Educational Services offers services to those who intend to study Master’s degree, start a University education, and want to continue their Education in US Canada (who will also need a transcript). 

The World Educational Services helps you to evaluate your credentials by making of the US or Canada educational standard and send it to the preferred school of admission in the country, they help in calculating GPA with the use of GPA calculator. 

How Do I Register?

Click on WES to access the site. An image like this will pop up


Click on the get started and fill in all required information needed.

if you need more information about  WES, you can kindly visit their website

 Beyond this,  the World Educational Services (WES) also helps those who want to do a professional job in the US or Canada (jobs like doctor, nurse, geologist, Medical Scientists, engineer, lecturer, etc by evaluation of their credentials.

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