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 Android is, by and large, the only system that can be used to describe smartphones. Android accounts for more than 80% worldwide market share. This is why smartphones are as ubiquitous as they are today but Android makes it easy for developers and users to get started. 

Android mobile app developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their products. There are many challenges that must be faced during development so that end customers have an enjoyable experience using the app. However, Open source technology means that the source code can be modified has provided new and exciting opportunities.

Nonetheless, there are some of the best android app development tips that people should know when creating their own android apps because the most successful apps are those that people use more often and keep coming back to. These are just a few of the things you should consider when creating an android app.

Things To Consider When Building Your Android App

 Book Your NameSpace:

It is important, though not essential, that the app’s name be decided in advance. Google’s Android market uses an exclusive package name. This is what your manifest uses to identify your application among the thousands of apps on the play store.

Follow Android Design Guidelines:

Google has created a set to aid new android developers. These guidelines are also known as Material Design. They were created to ensure all android apps behave and look the same, while still maintaining a consistent UX/UI. These guidelines will help end-users to understand and enjoy the app’s work. Mobile App Development

 Research well and Listen to Your Users.

It’s always a good idea before beginning the development process. It is crucial that the developer fully understands the user’s needs before designing a product. Developers should listen to their users and consider their suggestions. Users love it when developers take their feedback seriously. If users feel heard, there is a greater chance that they will use the app again

Be Aware of Fragmentation:

All Android app developers must understand the market and its segments. Google has just released different versions of Android. The related technologies are now even better. Android version 5.0 and older versions must be supported by the android app.

 Optimize Your Apps.

Mobile users are very sensitive to apps that take too much time to open or process. It is important to consider the speed of the flow and how large the app is. This will help you decide whether it will succeed or fail. Android allows developers to create apps for multiple devices. However, it is difficult for developers to test every product on all devices. In order to maintain consistency across devices of different sizes, density-independent pixels (dip and dp), are better than pixels.

 Always Test Your App Thoroughly.

 Developers make the common mistake of not thoroughly testing their app before it is released. It is a great asset to have a mobile app that works flawlessly. However, there are some things you need to do to make sure it does. Alpha testing of the app should be conducted first, and then beta testing should take place in the second stage. The final release should be made free of any inconsistencies or flaws discovered during testing.

Success is Measured

It is very crucial to measure the success of your app once it has been launched and is being used extensively by the public. You should measure the number of users who have downloaded the app, their most used features, and any areas that could be improved. This will give you an idea of the app’s market reception and overall demand. In certain cases, it can also help you plan for a follow-up app that could be either a sequel or a companion productivity application.

Re-evaluate Your Situation and Grow

Static apps are not a good idea because they will run down your growth. App developers must be constantly improving the app to provide a better user experience. The customer’s behaviour changes over time, so the app should also. Growth can take the form of new value pathways, targeting new audiences, or redefining the flow of the app to reflect customer feedback. To grow the app, one must think critically, constructively, and innovatively.


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