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  1. What Are HTML and CSS?
  2. What is Javascript?
  3. What Are Frontend and Backend?
  4. The Term Framework
  5. What HTML, CSS and Javascript do in Web Development

The Javascript Language is the most programming language used for Tech development especially web and app development. Almost all websites and apps are built with Javascript. As a newbie to programming, I will advise you to learn HTML and CSS first. You can check YouTube for learning there are several videos available for you or make use of online paid courses.

However, for Javascript, is one of the best places to learn Javascript. It is advisable for you to learn HTML and CSS before learning Javascript.  So in this context, we will be looking at the relationship between  Javascript, HTML and CSS in the Frontend and Backend of Web development… 

What Are HTML and CSS?

 HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create the actual content of the page, such as written text, and

CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets) is responsible for the design or style of the website, including the layout, visual effects and background colour.

 What Is Javascript?

 The main purpose of  JavaScript was initially to “make web pages alive”. The programs are called scripts. The programs can be written right in a web page’s HTML and run automatically as the page loads.

The Scripts are implemented and executed as plain text. They don’t need extraordinary preparation or compilation to run.

In this aspect, JavaScript is different from Java Language.

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 What Are Frontend And Backend? 

FRONTEND: simply means the user interface (UI) i.e a page where user interact with. for instance, the click button or the whole content of the website you see on the screen

Programming Component of FRONTEND: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript itself.

 BACKEND: refers to the part of the website where most logic is performed and returned back to the user. 

Programmings that are used for backend: python, java, Ruby, ASP.Net, PHP etc. Our focus is Javascript because Javascript also runs on the backend using Nodejs which is common.

 What connects this FRONTEND and BACKEND is known as API (Application Programming Interface). 

The Term Framework  

There is also a common term known as a framework. Imagine washing clothes with your hands and washing the same clothes with a washing machine. The more efficient one will be the washing machine because it did the job much better than using your hands. 

So Frameworks are web machines that allow us to do our task much faster and efficiently saving us valuable time. Several Frameworks are used on the Frontend, Examples are Angular, Vue, React while on the Backend we have express, meteor etc.


What HTML, CSS and Javascript really Do In Web Development.

 From the component of Frontend, we have understood what makes the Frontend of a website. 

Web development can be compared to when you are building a house. That land where the house is built  is compare to a domain name such are, etc. These domain names show where the website is situated the same way the land gives an address to where the house is located.

 The next phase of the building is that an Architect draws the house plan on paper showing all the features the house should have like door, window, lighting, the kind of roofing and all other features that could fit in. On the web, the User Interface designer (UI designer) is responsible for the drawing. After he is with his drawing of the website, he passes it on to the Frontend developer who then designs the website according to the drawings of the Architect (UI designer). 

This is where the Frontend developer job starts. Back to our house analogy, so after the designs has been done by the Architect, the building engineer supervises the bricklayer on how to lay the foundation of the house and subsequently lay blocks. That block laying is the skeletal part of the building, that’s where HTML comes in. HTML is used in building the structure of the house defining if the website will have a click button or how much text content it will have.

 Once the building is ready, the next thing is to beautify it with nice roofing, plaster it and then paint it, fence the house and mount the gate. That’s where the job of the CSS comes in. CSS is simply used to add beauty to the website. As a matter of fact, we have a complete building (website) but this kind of website doesn’t do anything special and is known as a static website because it doesn’t change. A website can be built with just HTML and CSS.

 Imagine, the owner of the house wants a type of gate that opens automatically the moment a car approaches the gate or he wants the outside light to switch on automatically once is night. That’s where the idea of a dynamic website comes in and we then make use of Javascript to add interactivity to our website. We can decide to program the website to open a new page after 30seconds of inactivity or another interactivity we may want.

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